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Haidie manufacturing plants located in Wenzhou Yueqing which is the beauty of the East China Sea. Our company is 2 kilometers away from the Wenzhou Airport and 20 kilometers away from the Wenzhou Railway Station. The traffic is very convenient. Our company is specialized Wire harness solutions to customers based on providing auto parts. has been providing many customers with high-quality wire harnesses, and widely praised, derivative brands were born.


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Haidie offers a wide variety of automotive connectors (wire-to-wire connector, wire-to-board connector, board-to board connector). We stock more than 8000 pcs different connector plugs, from simple receptacle connector/blade connector to hybrid connectors.

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  • 10010347

    How does the connector control engine ignition

    The connector plays an important role in the engine ignition system. It is responsible for controlling the transmission of ignition signals and performing ignition operations. Its working principle can be briefly summarized as follows: First, the control unit of the ignition system (such as ECU) ...

  • HD028F-1.5-21

    How does the connector control the car fuel nozzle

    The connector is an important component in the automotive engine control system. It is responsible for controlling the work of the automotive fuel injector. The connector transmits the signal provided by the engine control system to the fuel injector by connecting the power supply and control sig...